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Our special services include helicopter rental:


a) Piper Chieftain

- Seats: 10, Passengers: 6-8

- Crew: 1 pilot + 1 Co-pilot

- Average Cruise speed : 170kts 315 klm/hr

- Absolute Ceiling: 25.000 ft 7.5 klm
- Range: 883 nm


The Piper-Chieftain 350 is a family of cabin-class, twin-engine aircraft designed and built by Piper Aircraft for the general aviation market.


It is a great utility, turbo charged piston engine twin. This aircraft has been servicing rural areas for years and will continue to be the backbone of light, commercial transport for the foreseeable future.


Available country wide, and ideal for remote airports, the Chieftain is hard to beat for regional charter flights.


The Chieftain has excellent short field capabilities which allows greater flexibility in destinations. It is ideal for groups of 6-8 passengers and can operate from many remote airstrips if required.

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- Cruise Speed: 115 knots, 213 Km/Hour

- Seats: 4, Passengers: 3

- Crew: 1 pilot

- Range: 400 – 900 Nautical miles

- Operational Altitude: 10.000 feet


The SOCATA TB is a fixed-gear four seat single-engine touring aircraft, built by the French manufacturer SOCATA . It belongs to the SOCATA TB series of light touring aircrafts.


The SOCATA TB is equipped with all the necessary equipment providing exceptional taxi comfort and smooth landings.

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